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~ Tips for Successful Contact Lens Wear ~
The benefits of wearing contact lenses require an understanding of the responsibilities involved. There are risks of permanent vision loss and very serious eye infections associated with contact lens wear. These risks can be minimized by following your doctor's instructions, keeping your appointments, asking any questions you may have, and following these guidelines for proper wear, care, and replacement of your contact lenses. However, it is essential that as a contact lens wearer, you are more aware of your eyes and remove your contacts immediately if there are any signs of problems.

Wearing and caring for your contact lenses:

In order to get the expected life span out of a particular lens type, it is important that your contact lenses be cleaned and disinfected as you are instructed. Many factors can affect the length of time a contact lens is healthy enough to wear including the contact lens material, the care system used, normal wearing time, work environment, allergies, illnesses, and medications. If this is ever a concern, discuss this with your doctor.

Always wash your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses. Avoid lotion-containing soaps so the residue on your hands does not allow a residue to form on the contact lens surface. Never put your lenses in your mouth or use anything on the lenses other than proper contact lens solutions.

The lens care system recommended for you is one that is compatible with your lenses. Solutions vary significantly from one manufacturer to another, so it is advised that you ask our office before changing from the products we have recommended for you. Always keep the bottle cap closed when not in use. If you wear daily disposable lenses, it is important that you are compliant with replacing the lenses every day. If you must rinse the lenses for any reason mid-day, use sterile saline solution.

If you are wearing a 2-week or monthly replacement lens, use only fresh solution to clean and store your contact lenses. Never re-use old solution, and never top off solution which is already in the case. Clean your case with hot water between each use, and keep it open and dry between cleanings. Replace your case every 3 months.

Do not wear your contact lenses longer than recommended. You should not wait until the contact lenses are gummy, old, or bothersome before disposing of them; this significantly increases your risk of infection. Overnight wear of contact lenses, even extended wear types of lenses, significantly increases your risk of serious eye infections, as does swimming with your contact lenses in. Never wear your contact lenses while in a hot tub.

Contact lenses do not offer any eye protection. If you are participating in sports or activities which put your eyes at increased risk, always wear appropriate protective eyewear.
In the beginning, it is normal if:
• Your eyes feel a little itchy while wearing new lenses
• You are more aware of one lens than the other
• Your vision seems fuzzier than with your glasses
• You have challenges handling your lenses

Always remove your lenses immediately if:
• You develop any redness, pain or light sensitivity
• You experience a decrease in vision that does not clear up
• Your lens is torn or has an obvious defect or deposit on it
• You suspect something is wrong

If any of the above symptoms persist upon removing your lenses,
call your eye doctor as soon as possible to avoid any further complications.


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